Vectera strongly believes that live interaction is key in longterm relationships. Be it with clients, team members or partners, distance should not be a barrier for creating a valuable connection.

Vectera powers organisations with a platform to meet effectively. Where Vectera really shines is persistent meeting rooms with powerful annotation and white boarding. Neatly integrated in your workflow with built-in scheduler.

Headquartered in Ghent, Belgium and operating globally with clients in 96+ countries.

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Core team

Dieter profile pic

Dieter Dehaemers


Dieter has a background in business development combined with a strong technical skillset. He keeps a close eye on the market, looking for clients and partnerships.

Seppe Lenders profile pic

Seppe Lenders


Seppe started building Vectera from scratch. He makes the right technological decisions and combines his technical virtuosity with a great and amazing sense of UX.

Oliver Verstraeten profile pic

Oliver Verstraeten


Oliver has a background in economics. He is the go-to-guy to make Vectera fit your organisation. Don't hesitate to get in touch to see how we can help you.

Mathias T

Mathias Tortelboom

Full stack engineer

Mathias has a degree in computer science engineering and economics. Quickly adapting to new technologies and new environments, Mathias is making Vectera better for you every day.


Matthias Vandenbroucke

Business Developer

Matthias (aka. double T) has many skills, like placing himself in his clients' shoes. He's always thinking about the best possible solution that Vectera can offer for prospects and clients.


Luna Van Rillaer

Customer success

Luna has excellent communication skills and helps new and existing customers being successful using Vectera.


Oleksander Khomenko

Software developer

Oleksander - Alex for short - is an experienced software developer making sure Vectera offers the best way to conduct client meetings.

Marta Navarro Garcia

Marta Navarro Garcia


Marta brings a new, fresh (and Spanish!) perspective to the team and ensures clients can navigate their way through Vectera

Andreas Verschueren

Andreas Verschueren

Business Developer

Andreas is a real team player. Using his background in communication, he is always looking to help new and existing clients to take full advantage of Vectera.

Pascal van Deursen

Pascal Van Deursen

Strategic partner manager

Pascal has a rare blend of entrepreneurial and technical skills. As co-founder of SecureLogin, a leading SingleSignOn platform for financial advisory, Pascal adds a lot of 'lessons learned' in the space of API, SSO and security to the team. Pascal develops partnerships in a durable and secure way.

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