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Start online training with 1 click

Fast and high quality communication is important.
Vectera works entirely in your browser. No need to install clients, match versions or exchange pin- and access codes. The room is protected with a simple but effective waiting room process.

Optimized for reliable connections in the most extreme conditions, Vectera creates direct peer to peer connections for small group meetings with a low footprint on your system.

Vectera has a global infrastructure to accommodate meetings all around the globe including the most restricted areas. All audio and video streams are end-to-end encrypted.

Powerful whiteboarding and document annotation

The key point where Vectera really shines: Persistent meeting rooms with powerful annotation capabilities.

Write meeting minutes together, tick off checklists and jot down next steps. Upload any document, pdf or image to Vectera. Use them as extended canvas to make annotations, drawings or explain difficult subjects with the integrated formula editor.

With presenter mode, all viewing windows are aligned to make sure everyone in the conversation has the exact same page and the exact same view on the shared content. Check if participants are paying attention with active mouse indication.

Session is finished? Download the annotated material in PDF or let it remain in the meeting room, ready for the next session.

Advanced document annotation and whiteboard for training and coaching
Cobrowse websites together

Browse the web together

Looking to make your meeting more interactive instead of just a presentation? Share mouse and keyboard input with interactive cobrowsing without installations for your client.

The active mouse tracking show where all participants hover or interact with the shared webpage.

Show proposals, discuss websites, solve exercises and create content together. Supports 1-on-1 sessions and group conversations up to 6 participants.

Integrated meeting scheduler

Intelligent scheduling allows clients or partners to book meetings with you on autopilot. Fill your calendar with relevant appointment types, at the moments you have time to meet people. Multiple appointment types are possible. Can be embedded on your website.

2-way sync with GSuite (Google Apps), Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud and more. Just enter your login credentials, no complex integrations needed.

When a client books an appointment, a meeting room is automatically created for you. If a client returns, the same meetings room is used again. All documents, meeting minutes and whiteboard drawings are saved and will be accessible in the same meeting room - which makes the integrated scheduling a perfect fit for your training and consulting sessions.

Schedule meetings online easy
Whitelabel meeting rooms and scheduling

Whitelabel your entire workflow

The entire solution can be white labeled with custom images, custom domain and custom colours to make your brand stand out.

Access meeting rooms on '' and let clients book meetings at '' with a simple CNAME record or iframe embed.

Change the background & logo of your meetings and invites to clients.