Simple videomeetings with 1 click access

Meet with 1 click video

Frictionless meeting starts with true one - click video. The platform is entirely web based and enables direct access with 1 shared link. No plugins/downloads required.

Stable video connection with audio-only fallback. Engineered to pass through the most restrictive firewalls.

Record your meetings and easily make the recordings accessible to your clients.

Powerful whiteboarding and document annotation

The key point where Vectera really shines: Persistent meeting rooms with powerful annotation capabilities.

Write meeting minutes together, tick off checklists and jot down next steps. Upload any document, pdf or image to Vectera. Use them as extended canvas to make annotations, drawings or explain difficult subjects with the integrated formula editor.

With presenter mode, all viewing windows are aligned to make sure everyone in the conversation has the exact same page and the exact same view on the shared content. Check if participants are paying attention with active mouse indication.

Session is finished? Download the annotated material in PDF or let it remain in the meeting room, ready for the next session.

Simple but effective whiteboarding
Integrated meeting scheduler for sales with office 365 integration gsuite integration

Integrated scheduling and meeting room generation

Offer a clean, integrated scheduling page to your clients. Integrates with all major calendar providers both cloud and on premise.

Vectera's scheduler is available to embed on your website or can be set up with a custom domain.

Powerful scheduling options to leave your scheduling on autopilot. Includes working hours definition, public/private events, automatic timezone detection.

Accessible from any device without installs

Vectera rooms are important touch points with your client. Make your branding and content stand out with our white label offering.

Join the conversation from mobile, tablet or PC by clicking the link. No need to download software for your client to join the meeting room. Runs on all browsers (Edge in January 2020).

Vectera is built to be fully touch friendly to make the most out of any device you're using.

Whitelabel sales platform

Cobrowsing - interactive screen sharing

Is your client really paying attention? Is configuration a pain because the other participants don't know where to click?

Make the conversation interactive and allow the client to directly engage in any website or web app without any plugins or installations with advanced cobrowsing technology.

Troubleshoot and configure complex web apps together and take over control when needed.