Simple videomeetings with 1 click access

Meet clients in 1 click

It’s now easier than ever to have sales- and onboarding calls with your clients. They don’t have to download apps or make accounts. You don’t have to be a technical wizard to engage in an online meeting with Vectera. Any device with an internet connection and all major browsers (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, Safari, ..) can be used. Join meetings from mobile without app downloads.

You can see each other, share screens or files, and make notes. If you try it out and make a free account with us, you will see it’s all very straightforward.

Every client has his or her personal meeting room where all information is stored safely. All audio and video streams are encrypted. You can share your screen & documents, work on notes or todo-lists, and continue where you left off in the next meeting.

The virtual meeting rooms can be protected with a waiting room, so you can limit access to the moments that you are present.

Vectera is best used for 1-on-1 meetings or small groups so it’s ideal to use for sales and onboarding calls.

Integrated meeting scheduler

Intelligent scheduling allows (potential) clients to book meetings with you without having to make extra phone calls or emailing back and forth. When a new client books a meeting, a new virtual meeting room is automatically created. They receive a unique meeting-link via email and in a calendar invite, which they can use as soon as you start the meeting. If they try to enter the meeting room sooner, they will be kept in the virtual waiting room.

No need to use different tools or pay for multiple services and extra tools to make sure everything works in sync. Calendars like GSuite (Google Apps), Office 365, Microsoft Exchange, iCloud, … can be linked to your account so you don’t have to worry about double bookings or extra schedules to look after.

You have full control of the scheduling possibilities so there are no sudden surprises in your busy schedule. You choose at which moments you are available and have the option to set limits on how soon and how far in the future appointments can be made.

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whiteboarding and document annotation for meetings

Powerful whiteboarding and document sharing

When meeting with your clients, you might want to do more than just talking. Sharing files and making notes or drawings for example. This is where Vectera really shines: persistent meeting rooms with powerful annotation capabilities.

Upload documents and go through them together without having to share your screen. Use documents as an extended canvas to make annotations, drawings, etc. You can also share your screen where you can give demonstrations. Whiteboards allow you to start making notes or drawings from scratch. You can make as many different whiteboards as you want and upload multiple files.

With presenter mode, all viewing windows are aligned to make sure everyone in the conversation has the exact same page and the exact same view on the shared content.

When a session is finished, you can download the annotated material in PDF or let it remain in the meeting room, ready for the next meeting with the same client. Uploaded content and whiteboards always remain private in the meeting room, where you have full control over who can access.

Whitelabel everything

You can design the whole experience, from scheduling to online meetings, custom to your brand. You can use a custom domain name, add your own logo and background images, and change colors to make your brand stand out.

Access meeting rooms on '' and let clients book meetings at '' without any advanced technical interventions.

Whitelabel sales platform

Co-browsing & interactive screen sharing

Helping new clients in their onboarding process, configuring accounts for example, can be a pain. They don’t know where to click and while sharing their screen, they can’t seem to find the specific item you are referring to. Frustrating and time-consuming.

With our advanced co-browsing feature, you and your client can engage directly with any website or app on the other device. Troubleshooting and configuration can be handled much faster that way.