Vectera REST API

The Vectera REST API is hosted at This document lists the available endpoints and methods, but not all the available fields. You can send an OPTIONS request to the desired endpoint to get the list of accepted fields.

Check our guides to get started with the API. Chat with us or reach out to to get more help.


Request an API token at Send the token with every request in a HTTP header:

Authorization: Token {token}

Filtering and sorting


Some endpoints allow you to search for a given value, for example:

GET /meetings?search={query}


To further narrow down your search, you can use the more advanced filter={query} query parameter. You can filter on most fields in a resource, and you can combine filters with the boolean operators AND and OR.

Some examples of valid filter queries:

Dont' forget to URL-encode your filter queries, for example:

GET /meetings?filter=isTrashed%3Dfalse


The filter parameter support the following operators:

Operator Definition Example
= Equals* isOpened = true
!= Does not equal* ownerId != 8d077d9b-528d-4d4c-bfe8-1a9945090b6d
~ Contains* key ~ "vectera"
!~ Does not contain* key !~ "test"
> Is greater than size > 0
>= Is greater than or equals timeActive >= 01:00:00
< Is less than lastOpened < 2021-01-01T00:00
<= Is less than or equals size <= 1000000

*All string comparisons are case insensitive.

Data types

The filter parameter supports the following data types:

Data type Description Example
String Any text inside double quotes "vectera"
Integer or real number An unquoted number 100, -2.5
Boolean The unquoted string true or false true, false
Null The unquoted string null null
Datetime An ISO-8601 string: YYYY-MM-DDThh:mm[:ss[.uuuuuu]][+HH:MM|-HH:MM|Z] 2021-01-01T10:00:00Z
Duration [DD] [HH:[MM:]]ss[.uuuuuu] 01:00:00


To sort the results of a query, you can pass a comma-delimited list of fields to the orderBy query parameter. To sort in descending order, prefix a field with a minus sign (-).

Some examples:

Rate Limits

To help prevent strain on Vectera's servers, our API imposes a limit of 100 requests per minute for each user. If a request exceeds this limit, a 429 status code will be returned.

If you want to raise this limit for your account, please get in touch with

List of endpoints


You can use me instead of the user {id} in all these endpoints.

List users

GET /users

Create a user

POST /users

Get a user

GET /users/{id}

Update a user

PATCH /users/{id}

Delete a user

DELETE /users/{id}


Create an organization

POST /organizations

Get an organization

GET /organizations/{id}

Update an organization

PATCH /organizations/{id}

Delete an organization

DELETE /organizations/{id}

This will not delete the organization's members. Use the Delete a user endpoint for that.

Organization members

List organization members

GET /organizations/{id}/members

Organization subscription

Get an organization subscription

GET /organizations/{id}/subscription

Update an organization subscription

PATCH /organizations/{id}/subscription

Meeting rooms

List a user's meeting rooms

GET /users/{id}/meetings

List an organization's meeting rooms

GET /organizations/{id}/meetings

Create a meeting room

POST /meetings

Get a meeting room

GET /meetings/{id}

Update a meeting room

PATCH /meetings/{id}

Reset a meeting room

PATCH /meetings/{id}/reset

Delete a meeting room

DELETE /meetings/{id}

Meeting room permissions

List meeting room permissions

GET /meetings/{id}/permissions

Create a meeting permission

POST /meetings/{id}/permissions

Get a meeting room permission

GET /meetings/{id}/permissions/{permissionId}

Update a meeting room permission

PATCH /meetings/{id}/accessKeys/{permissionId}

Delete a meeting room permission

DELETE /meetings/{id}/accessKeys/{permissionId}

Meeting room sessions

List the sessions in a meeting room

GET /meetings/{id}/sessions

Get a meeting room session

GET /sessions/{id}

Meeting room templates

List your meeting room templates

GET /meetingTemplates

Create a meeting room template

POST /meetingTemplates

Get a meeting room template

GET /meetingTemplates/{id}

Update a meeting room template

PATCH /meetingTemplates/{id}

Delete a meeting room template

DELETE /meetingTemplates/{id}

Meeting room feedback

List meeting room feedback

GET /meetings/{id}/feedback

Get meeting room feedback

GET /feedback/{id}

Update meeting room feedback

PATCH /feedback/{id}

Meeting room active intervals

List meeting room active intervals

GET /meetings/{id}/activeIntervals


List a user's appointments

GET /users/{id}/appointments

Get an appointments

GET /appointments/{id}

Update an appointments

PATCH /appointments/{id}