Vectera REST API

The Vectera REST API is hosted at This document lists the available endpoints and methods, but not all the available fields. You can send an OPTIONS request to the desired endpoint to get the list of accepted fields.

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Request an API token at Send the token with every request in a HTTP header:

Authorization: Token {token}

List of endpoints


You can use me instead of the user {id} in all these endpoints.

List users

GET /users/?search={query}

Create a user

POST /users/

Get a user

GET /users/{id}/

Update a user

PATCH /users/{id}/

Delete a user

DELETE /users/{id}/


Create an organization

POST /organizations/

Get an organization

GET /organizations/{id}/

Update an organization

GET /organizations/{id}/

Delete an organization

GET /organizations/{id}/

This will not delete the organization's member. Use the Update a user endpoint for that.

Organization members

List organization members

GET /organizations/{id}/members/

Organization subscription

Get an organization subscription

GET /organizations/{id}/subscription/

Update an organization subscription

GET /organizations/{id}/subscription/


The fields in these endpoints are subject to change. We recommend only using the fields id, key, url, ownerId, dateCreated, locked and trashed.

List your meeting rooms

GET /meetings/

Create a meeting room

POST /meetings/

Get a meeting room

GET /meetings/{id}/

Update a meeting room

PATCH /meetings/{id}/

Reset a meeting room

PATCH /meetings/{id}/reset/

Delete a meeting room

DELETE /meetings/{id}/

Meeting room permissions

List meeting room permissions

GET /meetings/{id}/permissions/

Create a meeting permission

POST /meetings/{id}/permissions/

Get a meeting room permission

GET /meetings/{id}/permissions/{permissionId}/

Update a meeting room permission

PATCH /meetings/{id}/accessKeys/{permissionId}/

Delete a meeting room permission

DELETE /meetings/{id}/accessKeys/{permissionId}/