Release notes

Vectera has a very strong focus on R&D. Big and small improvements are released on a regular basis. A chronological list of new features and improvements can be found here. Infrastructure updates take a considerable amount of time but these are only mentioned if you will notice them.

Big updates are covered on the blog. Questions or suggestions? Don't hesitate to talk to us on chat or


  • Scheduling: Book a meeting with yourself at any moment: as an admin, you can overrule the available timeslots and book a meeting at any time to be able to generate a meeting room.
  • Scheduling: Timeslots can now start every 10/15/20/30/45/60 minutes depending on your preference. Eg if you have a meeting duration of 15 minutes - you can allow the meeting to start every 15 minutes instead of the default of 30 minutes.
  • Meeting name "book" has been disabled as a first step for having booking links on the custom domain.


  • Recording file length increased to 2 hours instead of 1 hour to cope with longer meetings. If meetings take longer than 2 hours, a seperate file will be created.


  • Release of CNAME custom domain in beta. The custom domain allows you have eg: All other references to Vectera (logo, name, links) have been removed or altered. The current setup works but requires some technical knowledge in generating an SSL certificate. The next iteration will have automatic SSL generation.
  • AM/PM versus 24h time notation: Automatic switching between 12 hour and 24 hour format based on the browser location and time preferences.
  • Custom redirect after booking: Set up a custom redirect url to automatically redirect after booking. The redirect will happen automatically.
  • Private notes are disabled during recordings: To make sure you don't see things you would not want to share on your recordings, private notes are disabled when recordings are running.


  • The greeting screen was updated to become more in line with the main stylesheet. A new greeting image was added to make the greeting screen more professional looking while still creative and appealing.


  • Logo surface improvements: The logo on the top left corner on the booking pages is bigger -> more focus on your brand!
  • Recording improvement: auto download to "downloads" folder after you stop the recording or leave the meeting room (when you're the host)
  • Better long distance connections: By reducing the queue of websocket messages, connections start faster and the "connecting" spinner is shown less frequently.


  • Be able to remove appointment types
  • Be able to fully remove meeting rooms. Meeting rooms that were used for appointments will not be accessible again.


While working on CNAME custom domain and custom emails, some smaller urgent fixes

  • Don't send signup invitation after you invite someone from the meeting room.
  • Don't show infinite overlay while recording for better recording results.
  • Change text "video meeting" to "online meeting" to prevent confusion for participants that join with audio-only
  • Sort appointment types alphabetically on the booking page


  • SalesFlare integration is here!
  • Pooled storage: All meeting storage is pooled for the entire organisation.
  • More colors for the whiteboards
  • Notification if someone changes the video to audio only (so you won't be surprised that video is disabled)
  • Better handling of failing microphones
  • Improved knock screen with login link


  • Update TURN server infrastructure for better global connections with restrictive firewalls.


  • Allow booking page parameters: will fill in the details for the appointment automatically.
  • Improved tooltips (from
  • Fix dashboard menu not visible on mobile
  • Improve labels for joining meeting room
  • Improve text for pricing


  • [Major update] Team management: Growing team and need more licences? We got you covered: you can now easily invite new team members to your Organization. Check out to learn more. This update is the foundation of many more exciting new features that will ease the life of managing a team (such as consistent brand appearance, appointment types, group scheduling etc)


  • Spanish translations: Connect with your clients in Spanish. Bookings + meetings now support Spanish!


  • Vectera on mobile devices, now better than ever: Vectera is now mobile ready (again), so don't hesitate to join a meeting with your smartphone! We'll add more improvements for mobile experiences in the near future.
  • More stable connection quality indicator: The network quality detection algorithm has been fine tuned to give more accurate results. Don't shoot the messenger!
  • Infinity mirror tweaks: Sharing your own screen gives the inevitable "infinity mirror effect": you see your own screen shared which is in turn shared etc. We improved the overlay to make sure you can still see what is being shared without the fuzzy look.
  • Improved joining process text: Join without sharing => Join without sharing audio / video is more clear.


  • Custom invite message: When you invite someone to a meeting room, you can now customise the message you send along with the meeting room URL. Give it a try by clicking the Invite button in a meeting room!
  • Translations have landed! All public scheduling pages are now available in two languages: English and Dutch. More languages coming soon.
  • Need help or got questions? Visit for practical how-to's and best practices of Vectera.
  • Upgrade for testing devices: a better progress bar when you test your speaker (available in Google Chrome)
  • Custom background in the waiting screen: you can customise the background of the waiting screen. Visit your profile to upload a nice, capturing image! Available in the White Label add-on or during a free trial.


  • Improved pricing page & signup flow: The signup flow and pricing page is more intuitive and allows you to set up Vectera according to your (organisation) needs.
  • Updated whiteboard limit: Add as much whiteboards and files as your system (and the other participant's system) can handle. The hard limit on the number of files was removed and only warning will be shown when uploading more files/whiteboards.


  • Improved whiteboard tools: The whiteboard tools menu is improved: Thanks to client feedback, we discovered that the tool option menu was hard to find. The tool menu is now included on the tool itself, similar to the experience you might expect from other graphical software. Next, there is better color indication so you know which color is used when you start drawing.
  • Remember audio/video preferences: When multiple audio/video sources are connected, the most (recently) used source will be shown.
  • Scheduling-reminders: Your meeting invitee get a reminder for an upcoming appointment in order to decrease the level of no-shows. You can set up the number of minutes before the reminder must be shown.
  • Scheduling-location: Add your adress info and this will automatically be added to the "location" info in meeting invites.
  • Better view on used storage on the dashboard
  • Scheduling-logo clickable: The top left logo is now clickable
  • Various landing page improvements


  • Plan new meetings from the dashboard: Click on "plan new meeting" if you would like to plan a new meeting in the name of a client.
  • Various landing page improvements


  • Scheduling - custom questions: Ever wanted to ask the number of employees, the type of accounting software they use? You can add custom questions now for the meeting scheduling.
  • Improved audio handling for participants who join meeting rooms.


  • Picture - in - picture: When you are sharing your screen, the video will pop out of the Vectera screen. The video windows can be moved around your window for your convenience and will stay on top of all windows to make sure you see the person who you are talking to.
  • Meeting room onboarding: The very first time you open a meeting room after signing up, a new "onboarding tutorial" is shown to get you started with the interface faster.
  • Test Audio/Video integrated in the meeting interface: Very, very practical for immediat e troubleshooting: You can now test your audio/video within the meeting room itself. Less fuss, better meetings!
  • Improved Teamleader sync: special characters are handled and phone number validation is taken care of before sending the phone number to Teamleader
  • Login page design is aligned with signup page
  • Better monitoring for websockets


  • Screenshare infinite mirror effect overlay: When you return to Vectera while sharing a full screen, the screen of Vectera is shared again and creates an infinite loop of 'mirror windows'. This effect is compensated with an overlay.
  • Desktop notifications: When someone wants to join your meeting room and you are not actively looking at the browser tab where the meeting room is open, a desktop notification will be shown.


  • Scheduling - confirmation mail whitelabeling: Emails to clients with confirmed events are now whitelabeled - if you have the whitelabel option.


  • Better browser detection before joining the conversation: When joining a conversation from the waiting screen, the browser is detected. If a non-supported browser is detected, a suggestion for another browser will be shown.


  • Recording: Cloud space usage is shown in the interface
  • Microphone and speaker: When a new microphone/speaker is connected, a notification appears with the question to switch to the newly connected device
  • Blog: What is new page is updated
  • Chat: Notification in the chat if you are the only person in the meeting


  • Light interface is here! A complete make over of the entire meeting experience. Read more on the blog about the big update :
  • Teamleader integration: A new contact and/or deal is automagically created when a new appointment is planned. More information + setup in this blogpost
  • When someone joins your meeting room, a sound will play and you'll be asked whether to accept or to decline the person.