Terms of Purchase

These Terms of Purchase (ToP) apply to Users who register an account at and are additional to the Vectera Terms of Service (ToS).

A subscription from Vectera is ordered online at or by email and provided on a subscription basis as stated on and specified in your invoice:

  1. Term: You can choose between a Term of 1 (one) month or 12 (twelve) months with Automatic Renewal for the same duration as the previous Term. Every Term can be terminated until the day before the Term is automatically renewed.
  2. Fee: Every Term has an according Fee. You agree to pay the Fee at the beginning of every Term as stated in the previous section. All Fees will be non-refundable once paid to Vectera, including upon any termination or suspension of this Agreement, except for when the Refund policy applies.
  3. Overdue payment: if You are overdue on any payment of Fees and fail to pay within ten business days of a written notice of overdue payment, Vectera may dactivate your account and charge You a late fee equal to the lesser of 1,5% per month or the maximum amount permitted under applicable law. If Vectera requires use of collection agencies, attorneys, or courts of law for collection on Your account, You will be responsible for those expenses.
  4. Fair billing policy: Vectera applies a fair billing policy regarding changes in Your account. Adding or removing users will be prorated for Your Term.
  5. Fee disputes: In the event You dispute any portion of the Fees paid to or payable by You under these ToP, you must provide written notice to Vectera within 30 days of the date where the invoice was sent and Vectera will work together with You to resolve the applicable dispute promptly. If we do not receive a written notice of Your fee dispute within such 30-day period, you will not be entitled to dispute any Fees paid or payable.
  6. Refund policy: For your first Term, we provide a 30 days no-questions-asked refund policy. Contact us at to request a refund within 30 days after your purchase of your subscription with Vectera.
  7. Features: Every subscription grants access to more (or less) features. This is detailed at
  8. Free Trial: You can test the software free of charge for the first 14 days after registration at Vectera, unless specified otherwise. Upon termination of the Free Trial period, your account will be automatically moved to a limited, free plan unless we receive your request for an invoice and payment for a Term. Please make sure to have your content saved before a trial ends or make sure to subscribe to a paid plan to save your content.
  9. Support: Vectera provides support and service to the level stated in the subscription plan you’ve subscribed to. Support times depend on the time region the User is located in. Vectera tries to respond to any Support queries from the users within 24 hours.
  10. Guaranteed uptime: Vectera strives an uptime of at least 99%. A high-availability stack with multiple failovers and redundancies is built. However, due to the nature of Vectera being software, outages without our intent can occur. In that case Vectera has no obligation to refund any Fees paid by You. In case of an extended outage, we will try to fix the issue as fast as possible and if assumed necessary, suggest adequate compensation to You.