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Vectera uses cookies to retrieve some of your information when you visit our website. This makes it easier for you: you don't have to re-enter the same information every time.

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Privacy Policy

Why Vectera needs to process personal information

Vectera requires its users to register with their email address, first name, last name and a password in order to obtain an account at Vectera. This allows the user lock meeting rooms and use more, extended features of Vectera. The email address makes it possible to make a distinction between different users. Your first- and last name are required to join a new meeting room.

Your personal information will not be visible to other users. You agree that we may use your personal information to contact you about issues with your usage of Vectera or to inform you about Vectera.

Here you can find an overview of what information we use, how we use it, and how you can ask us to remove it.

When... We store... Until...
You visit Vectera anonymously. Nothing personal! We do capture your IP address, operating system, browser type and network information. Why do we collect this data? To make Vectera more smooth, improve your experience and mostly to keep our developers busy ;-) 6 months after your last login. Your information will be automatically and completely removed from our servers.
You create an account on Vectera. Your email address, because we like to know how to reach you. We use this when you reached out with feedback, when we're launching Vectera updates, when we have some big news about Vectera. You get the picture. Don't want to receive awesome, but sometimes generic communication from us? Just disable our newsletters in the footer of our not-personally-addressed-emails or gives us a shout at

The moment you request to delete your account at (We're pretty fast at replying.)

2 years after your last login, we will automatically remove your personal information from our servers, unless we are required to hold (part of) this information for legal or tax purposes. You will be notified in advance when we will be deleting your information.

Your first and last name, because we like to know who we're talking to :-) Also because your name will be automatically filled in when joining or creating a meeting room.
Your password. We can't read it, though.
You use a Vectera meeting room. The information you enter in the knock-knock screen (probably your name or your pseudonyme). Until 6 months after your last use (for anonymous users) or 2 years (for registered users). You will be notified in advance when we will be deleting your information.
The content you create in or add to Shared Content. This includes uploaded content. You give us a shout at Until then, everything is stored on secure servers up until 6 months after your last use (for anonymous users) or 2 years (for registered users). You will be notified in advance when we will be deleting your information.
The information you enter in Chat.
Data about your usage of Vectera Meeting rooms. This includes the time you spent in your meeting room, which panels you used, you get the gist. Why do we collect this data? To make Vectera more smooth, improve your experience and mostly to keep our developers busy ;-) The data about your usage is anonymized when you delete your account or request a removal of your information or when your account is automatically deleted (2 years after your last login).
FYI: The Vectera team only has access to the meeting rooms in case of technical assistance. We never communicate your generated content in Shared Content or Chat to third parties.

To make sure you don't lose your work, we constantly make backups of Vectera, which are stored for at most 30 days.


Personal information shared with sub-processors

Vectera uses Active Campaign (AC) as a CRM. The information held on AC contains (if shared with Vectera): your email address, first- and last name, telephone number, company. Only after giving your explicit consent, your activity on the domain is tracked by AC. Your activity can be used for automated decision making and profiling.

This information can be adjusted or removed on request (see below).

I no longer give my consent to Vectera to hold my personal information

Send an email at and your consent will be revoked.

I want to adjust my personal information.

That's easy! Just go to and change your details. Or send us an email at

I want my information to be removed.

That's ok. Just send us an email at and you're off our grid. Sorry to see you go though!


Terms of Service

These Terms of Service, including the Vectera Privacy Policy, govern your use of and access to the Vectera web application and website (referred to as "Vectera"), and any content, video, audio or any other materials sent, stored, received or otherwise appearing in Vectera (referred to as "Content"). By using Vectera, you convey your irrevocable acceptance of the Terms of Service.

Vectera is the exclusive property of Vectera VOF, VAT BE0653.859.380 RPR Ghent, Wilderoosstraat 2, 9000 Gent Belgium.

Description of Vectera

Vectera is a web application, that runs in the browser, where you can meet and share Content with other people through video chat (referred to as "People"), Shared Content (referred to as "Shared Content") and chat. (referred to as "Chat") Each meeting room has a unique URL with a meeting room ID added after[meeting-room-ID]. When users visit the same URL, they appear in the same meeting room.

Vectera works without installations. Only when using Shared Content, some browsers require installing a plugin (which is possible without leaving Vectera).

Communication (audio and video) in Vectera is peer-to-peer and end-to-end encrypted.

A meeting room is by default unlocked if you don’t have an account. This means that anyone with the meeting room URL has access to the meeting room. To lock a meeting room, you need to be the owner of a meeting room. To become the owner of a meeting room, an account at Vectera is required.

An account can be created at Creating an account requires you to agree to the Vectera Terms of Service and to the Vectera Privacy Policy.

When joining your meeting room, other users land in a waiting room in which they can request the owner of the meeting room to be let in.

Uploaded Content in Shared Content and text in Chat are saved permanently in meeting rooms. Permanently removing Content in Shared Content is possible by deleting the meeting room. Deleting the Chat history is possible when you reset the meeting room. This also clears all other Content. To reset a room, you need to be owner of the meeting room.

The owner of a meeting room can grant other users permanent access to the meeting room by selecting the user’s username or email address.

Vectera Admins can join any meeting room without requesting permission of the owner. This will only happen when technical support is requested or required. If deemed necessary, you will be notified.

When you have an account, you can set a personal image for the waiting room.


We refer to the Vectera Privacy Policy for a detailed overview. By using Vectera, you convey your irrevocable acceptance of the Vectera Privacy Policy.

Proprietary/Intellectual Property Rights

Vectera retains ownership of all proprietary rights in Vectera. It is not allowed to reverse compile, reverse engineer or in any way reduce Vectera to a readable form.

Usage of Vectera

Vectera is not directed to persons younger than 16 years old. When using Vectera, you confirm that you are 16 years old or older.


When using Vectera to communicate, be it through audio, video, shared content, chat or any other means, you agree to only use Vectera as a communication medium with purposes that are not illegal, in the broadest sense of the word.

Since it is not always possible to determine the nature and the scope of violations, we hereby reserve the right to take the final decision to block your account if any violations to the Vectera Terms of Service occur.


Vectera does not claim ownership over any Content submitted on or through Vectera. You do agree however that Vectera is allowed to store and display your Content (limited to the visitors of the meeting rooms in which you have uploaded Content).

All Content on Vectera is the property of the person who uploaded the Content. Vectera cannot be held responsible for any Content that you uploaded, transferred or saved on Vectera. It is thus your responsibility to only upload, display or transfer Content that you are the owner of.

In the existing possibility that you come upon disturbing or illegally obtained content on Vectera, you understand that Vectera is not responsible for the display of this content. If disturbing or illegally obtained Content is transferred, displayed or uploaded to Vectera, we reserve the right to disclose that Content to Vectera users if required by law. If this happens, we will notify any affected users.

You understand that the technical processing and transmission of Vectera, including your Content, may involve transmissions over various networks, and to conform and adapt to technical requirements of connecting networks or devices.

When using Vectera, your account will be irrevocable blocked if you share or distribute Content that:

  1. is not true, honest and accurate;
  2. infringes or endangers the intellectual property rights of any person;
  3. allows or is illegal or fraudulent actions to take place;
  4. can be or is considered to be obscene, threatening/defamatory, plagiarized, firearms, tobacco, alcohol, marijuana, gambling, pornography, child pornography, binary options, Forex, pornographic or analogous; or
  5. may constitute or is a criminal or capital offense or otherwise infringes any applicable law.

Since it is not always possible to determine the nature and the scope of violations, we hereby reserve the right to take the final decision to block your account if any violations to the Vectera Terms of Service occur.

Disclaimer of Damages

To the fullest extent permissible under applicable law, Vectera is provided to you “as is” and “as available”, with all faults, without warranty of any kind, without performance assurances or guarantees of any kind, and your use is at your sole risk. The entire risk of satisfactory quality and performance resides with you. Vectera, and its affiliates, clients, agents, officers, licensors and/or distributors, do not make, and hereby disclaim, any and all express, implied or statutory warranties, either by statute, common law, custom, usage of trade, course of dealing or otherwise, however arising, including implied warranties of description, quality, fitness for a particular purpose, operation, integration, adequacy, suitability, title, non-infringement, non-interference with use and/or enjoyment.

Vectera, and its affiliates, clients, agents, officers, licensors and/or distributors, do not warrant against interference with your use of the Service or that it will meet your specific commercial requirements; that any Credit program, purchase history, royalty point history, product recommendation, nutrition recommendation and other generated suggestions of Service will be available or particularly useful or produce any results, that the operation of the Service will be uninterrupted or error-free, that the Service will interoperate or be compatible with any other software or device used by you or your affiliates, that any errors in the Service will be corrected or that the Service will not be discontinued without previous notice.

No oral or written advice provided by Vectera, its affiliates, clients, agents, officers, licensors, distributors and/or any authorized representative, shall create any implied warranty.

Limitation of Liability

To the maximum extent permitted by applicable law, Vectera shall not be liable for any indirect, special, incidental, consequential or punitive damages, or any loss of profits or revenues, whether incurred indirectly or directly, or any loss of data, use, good-will, or other intangible losses, resulting from

  1. your access to or use of or inability to access or use of Vectera;
  2. any conduct or Content of any third party on Vectera, including without limitation, any defamatory, offensive or illegal conduct of other users or third parties;
  3. any content obtained from Vectera; or
  4. unauthorized access, use or alteration of your transmissions or Content.

In no event shall the aggregate liability of Vectera exceed the greater of one hundred EURO (€100) or the amount you paid to Vectera, if any, in the past six months for Vectera giving rise to the claim.

The limitations of this subsection shall apply to any theory of liability, whether based on warranty, contract, statute, tort (including negligence) or otherwise, and whether or not Vectera has been informed of the possibility of any such damage, and even if a remedy set forth herein is found to have failed of its essential purpose.

Modifications to Vectera

Vectera reserves the right at any time to modify or discontinue, temporarily or permanently, Vectera with or without notice at any time. You agree that Vectera shall not be liable to you or to any third party for any modification, suspension, termination or discontinuance of Vectera.

General Terms

A user can always request to delete its account. We refer to the Vectera Privacy Policy for more information.

These Vectera Terms and Conditions may be changed, amended and/or deleted by Vectera. You will be notified of any change to the Vectera Terms and Conditions if the changes apply to you.

The Vectera Terms and Conditions shall be governed by and construed under the laws of Belgium, as applied to agreements entered into and to be performed in Belgium to Belgian residents. All users of Vectera consent to the exclusive jurisdiction and venue of the courts located in and serving Ghent, Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgium.


Terms of Purchase

These ToP apply to Users who register an account at and are additional to the Vectera ToS, found on

A subscription from Vectera is ordered online or by email and provided on a subscription basis as stated on and specified in your invoice:

  1. Term: You can choose between a Term of 1 (one) month or 12 (twelve) months with Automatic Renewal for the same duration as the previous Term. Every Term can be terminated until the day before the Term is automatically renewed.
  2. Fee: Every Term has an according Fee. You agree to pay the Fee at the beginning of every Term as stated in the previous section. All Fees will be non-refundable once paid to Vectera, including upon any termination or suspension of this Agreement. Subject to Section Fee Disputes, if You are overdue on any payment of Fees and fail to pay within ten business days of a written notice of overdue payment, Vectera may charge You a late fee equal to the lesser of 1,5% per month or the maximum amount permitted under applicable law. If Vectera requires use of collection agencies, attorneys, or courts of law for collection on Your account, You will be responsible for those expenses.
  3. Fee disputes: In the event You dispute any portion of the Fees paid to or payable by You under these ToP, you must provide written notice to Vectera within 30 days of the date where the invoice was sent and Vectera will work together with You to resolve the applicable dispute promptly. If we do not receive a written notice of Your fee dispute within such 30-day period, you will not be entitled to dispute any Fees paid or payable.
  4. Refund policy: we provide a 30 days no-questions-asked refund policy. Contact us at to request a refund within 30 days after your purchase of your subscription with Vectera.
  5. Features: Every subscription grants access to more (or less) features. This is detailed at
  6. Free Trial: You can test the software free of charge for the first 14 days after registration at Vectera, unless specified otherwise. Upon termination of the Free Trial period, your account will be automatically deactivated by Vectera unless we receive your request for an invoice and payment for a Term. Please make sure to have your content saved before a trial ends or make sure to subscribe to a paid plan to save your content.
  7. Support: Vectera provides support and service to all customers by phone, email, online chat or at our office. Support times depend on the time region the User is located in. Vectera tries to respond to any Support queries from the users within 24 hours.
  8. Guaranteed uptime: Vectera strives an uptime of at least 99%. A high-availability stack with multiple failovers and redundancies is are built However, due to the nature of Vectera being software, outages without our intent can occur. In that case Vectera has no obligation to refund any Fees paid by You. In case of an extended outage, we will try to fix the issue as fast as possible and if assumed necessary, suggest adequate compensation to You.